PVC Shtori

Suitable for all window systems

Different sizes of boxes, a wide range of colors, suitable for use with all common window systems both in old and new buildings. Our shutter system PROtex makes it easy to make the right choices without sacrificing good protection. Take advantage of the simplicity of operation with PVC blinds with strap, hand crank or motor. You can keep the heat when the outside temperature falls, or to prevent overheating in the room during the hot summer days. Very good thermal values ​​contribute to energy-efficient building design and help save heating costs.

With roller blinds PROtex you not only achieve optimized thermal and sound insulation, but you can protect yourself against thieves, against prying eyes of neighbors or against bad weather conditions. PROtex easily and securely mounted on the window frame using video adapter. Without fixing screw of the inspection cover allows checking the bottom and rear. It is possible, if desired, the roller shutter to coincide with mosquito netting. It is also easy to upgrade the network by mosquito movable part of the bottom. Easy maintenance, lightweight and weather resistant PVC material of the box for roller blinds and ensure lasting good looks.

PVC shutters PROtex

Available in 5 sizes for outdoor wall mounting and 2 sizes for flush mounting roller blinds PROtex provide maximum flexibility for all types of windows with a maximum height of the component of 3.15 m.

Heat transfer coefficient Usb exceeds the required values ​​provided by DIN 4108 (USB ≤ 0,85 W / m2K) with values ​​up to 0,76 W / m2K USB.

fRsi temperature factor for irrigation and protection of waters with values ​​up to> 0.7 exceed the standard values ​​of DIN.

Secure, fast and inexpensive mounting box on the frame using a clip adapter

Roller shutter is available and no mosquito net, mosquito retrofitting is also possible. Insect screen can not be seen from outside.

Fully insulated slats through denser

Patented roller shaft mounted in ball bearings

Inspection cover: screw without installation revision is possible bottom and back

Robust mounting elements for framing using steel brackets. Various management options: a cord, crank or motor

Wide range of colors to suit all systems windows

Protect your home with shutters, automated by Somfy

New construction project? Additional security? Whatever your needs, there are model shutters suitable for your requirements.

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