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Lorex P100 is a very flexible  separation system, with very thin aluminum covers. The glasses are placed in sturdy aluminum frame and secured with narrow aluminum caps.


Projects made with P100

Lorex P100


P100 system offers:

• Smooth elegant surfaces;

• Very good sound insulation;

• Glass doors framed in aluminum with a circular edge;

• Each geometry is possible;

• Installation of simple blinds in the glass panels;

• Certified insulation 48 Db;

Profile Features
Frame width
66,8 mm
Leaf width
90 mm
Minimum apparent height
Minimum visible width of the divisor36,4 mm
Load overlaid
120 kg
Glazing thickness / MDF
 up to 8 mm
Width of the baffle up to 70mm
1,4 - 2,0 mm
System Features
System typeUnisolated
Exterior AestheticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazing-
type of thermal insulation
Fittingfor P100
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