M6 curtain wall represents the next step in the evolution of the already classic systems Curtain Wall, with an emphasis on better insulation, simplicity in construction and improvement of the system to drain water.

M6 has a wide range of applications, from simple to complex construction flat sloping surface to atrium structures.

M6 is certified by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim in the highest class in all the tests presented.

Projects made with Lorex M6

M6 system offers:

• 55 mm width of mullions and lintels;

• Insulation to Uf = 1,5 W / m 2 K;

• A wide variety of support brackets for high wind loads;

• Variety of designs for visible aluminum shutters;

• Structural glass version without aluminum caps with the same support brackets;

• All opening windows in curtain wall (parallel opening, opening the upper mechanism vertically and horizontally opening inside hidden wing biaxial opening);

• All types of surfaces (inclined, polygonal);

Visible external profile height55 mm
Width carrier profile (column)9,5 - 240 mm
Maximum Glazing thicknessup to 52 mm
Wall thickness10 mm
Project details