M300 is a complete system with thermal break for large sliding doors with lifting izdarzhashti up to 400 kg, which supports a wide range of facilities, including combinations with sliding doors and / or sliding shutters and pocket doors.

Projects made with Lorex M 300

Lorex M300


System M3000 offers:

  • smooth and easy scrolling between the wings using rollers made of stainless steel in combination with Stainless steel rails;
  • ability of realize corner constructions of 90 °without reducing the visual field with additional corner devisor.
Profile Features
Frame width  
143,2 mm
Leaf width
62,5 mm
Minimum apparent height
156,5 mm
Limit leaf mechanism300 + 100 Kg
Maximum glazing thicknessup to 46 mm
Wall thicknessup to 1,8
System Specifications
System type
Uffrom 3,2
Exterior AesteticsFlat
Type of sliding
Type of thermal insulation20 mm polyamide
MechanismGU 934
Project details