Lorex M11500 is a complete system for insulated doors and windows of any kind. This system can be combined with either an aluminum or PVC fittings.


Projects made with Lorex M 11 500



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Aluminium with a thermal break Lorex M11 500


M11 500 system offers:

• Hidden windows;

• biaxial opening of the wing, not only with the standard 11 mm aluminum casing, but with 16 mm PVC fittings WK3 protivozlomna protection;

• All doors;

• Horizontal or vertical pivot windows and doors;

• Providing solutions for all requirements of architectural design;

• A wide variety of designs (SOFTLINE, flat, sloping, classic) and different profiles;

Profile Features
Frame width
76,5 mm
Leaf width
84 mm
Minimum apparent height
104,2 - 137 mm
Minimum visible width of the divisor70 mm
Load overlaid
130 kg
Glazing thickness
up to 58 mm
Wall thickness
1,4 - 2,0 mm
System Features
System typeisolated
Uffrom 1,9
Exterior AestheticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazingglazing
Type of thermal insulation
36 mm polyamide
Project details