A system with thermal break, polyamide reinforced by glass fibers. Certified by the German institute "IFT Rosenheim" the system is economical and has good insulating properties, can be combined with systemic framework M11000, without any difference in the aesthetics of the building, as they have the same design lines.


Projects made with Lorex M 9650

Lorex М 9650


M9650 system offers:

• Basic depth of system 50mm;

• glazing surfaces to 30 mm overall width and each sash should not weigh more than 130 kg;

• Ability to combine the system with an European or PVC channel hardware;

• Glazing with reinforced polyamide (18 mm to frame and sash) offers satisfactory coefficient of thermal insulation (Uf = 2,6 - 3,3 W / m² K)

Profile Features
Frame width
50 mm
Leaf width
57,5 mm
Minimum apparent height
101,6 mm
Minimum visible width of the divisor70 mm
Load overlaid
130 kg
Glazing thickness
32 mm
Wall thickness
1,4 - 2,0 mm
System Features
System typeIsolated
Uffrom 2,6
Exterior AestheticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazingGlazing
Type of thermal insulation
18 mm polyamide
 IFT RosenheimM9650_IFT_UF_DE
Еднокрило Отваряне - ДвуплоскостноM9650_EKANAL_S_EN
Двукрило Отваряне - ДвуплоскостноM9650_EKANAL_D_EN
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