E 90



E90 system was designed in response to the increased demands on modern architectural systems combining improving the quality and safety of the finished product, reducing installation time, uniqueness of design and freedom of architectural solutions.

The system is designed for the needs and requirements of projects and companies in the Balkan region. One of the advantages of the system installation without the use of scaffolding, making it independent of weather conditions, such as drainage of rainwater and condensation control.

E90 is designed in the spirit of energy efficient systems of ETEM, a concept for the creation of new products in accordance with the requirements for energy efficiency, sustainable development and improvement of working conditions.


Проекти направени с Lorex E90

System Ε90 offers:

• easy, quick and cost effective installation without the use of scaffolding;

• ability to carry modules with different types of materials;

• individuality, uniqueness and complete freedom of decisions;

• Combination of different materials - glass, ceramics, aluminum composite panels etalbond, stone, photovoltaic panels, etc .;

• independence from weather conditions during installation;

• system can be specially adapted to the specific needs of each project.

System typefacade system with vertical and horizontal profiles
Exterior Aestheticsglass wall (structural glazing), aluminum plate glazing (pressure plate)
Interior visible width50 mm
Depth verticals50 - 230 mm
Depth contour6 - 235 mm
Air permeability / Water impermeability / Resistance to windHeat transfer
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