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E85 is a modern facade system. It is the result of 2.5 years of research that integrate know-how of energy efficiency,technology and performance with current and future requirements for building construction.

Its design, including verticals with 50 mm width to ensure full compliance with the strictest international specifications and provide high thermal insulation and waterproofing.

E85 is a system that combines different construction solutions and provides the architect's ability to design, goes beyond the conventional limits. Atriums, corner constructions, domes, pyramids and curved structures can be easily constructed system E85.

Certificates that the system receives from European laboratories accredited in accordance with European and American standards, have proved that the E85 is one of the best into existing facades.

Projects made with Lorex E85

Lorex E85

System Ε85 offers:

• solutions for all modern architectural requirements;

• Combination of modern materials (photovoltaic systems, composite panels etalbond etc.) For the construction of the entire outer shell of the building;

• Excellent thermal insulation, waterproofing and perfect wind resistance;

• optimal use of aluminum, which guarantees the best quality / price ratio;

• a wide range of certified accessories and special mechanisms;

• all the necessary elements to ensure that the curtain wall can receive the CE marking;

• the possibility of powder coating in any color RAL, imitation wood and other methods for surface treatment – anodizing

The system is available in four different external forms:
• With a cap;
• Cap horizontal - structural vertical;
• Structural horizontal - cap vertical;
• Structural.

System typefacade system with vertical and horizontal profiles
Exterior Aestheticsglass wall (structural glazing), aluminum plate glazing (pressure plate)
Interior visible width50 mm
Depth verticals50 - 230 mm
Depth contour6 - 235 mm
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