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Ε75 is an opening system specifically designed and manufactured to meet the modern requirements of housing construction in the era of energy efficiency.

Specially designed internal additional insulators, multi-central EPDM gaskets and poliamida provide excellent thermal insulation and bring the system E75 in accordance with the highest standards. The system offers a wide variety of functional and aesthetic options, a wide range of profiles and classic design lines.


Projects made with Lorex E75

Lorex Е75


• E75 is a proper system designed to meet the requirements of every window and door in the building.

• With the thickness of the aluminum profile, it is specifically designed for heavy doors that can withstand extreme exploitation.

• Reinforced profiles at the point of opening

• Elegant line

• Reliable opening mechanism

• Multiple locking points, adjustable hinges and quick installation

• Wide variety of colors

• Optional mounting hardware for protection against burglary

Profile Features
Frame width
75 mm
Leaf width
84,5 mm
Minimum apparent height
107 mm
Minimum visible width of the divisor81 mm
Load overlaid
140 kg
Glazing thickness
up to 41 mm
Wall thickness
1,6 - 2,5 mm
System Features
System typeIsolated
Uffrom 1,1
Exterior AestheticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazingGlazing
Type of thermal insulation
39 mm polyamide
Project details