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E40 is a system with thermal break, suitable for the construction of all kinds of opening parts.

Its innovative design of wall thickness, which is possible to be changed, the system imparts additional structural strength and stability by using more of aluminum, where it is most needed. Durability and thermal insulation is achieved in the most effective way.

The wide range of profiles and flexibility of design, in terms of doing so and rounded shapes, allowing the end user to take advantage of the aesthetic alternatives to an affordable price.


Projects made with Lorex E40

Lorex Е40


Ε40 offers:

• effective and affordable solutions for all types of structures

• aesthetics, functionality and durability

• sound insulation, sealing and insulation, even in areas with extreme weather conditions

• maximum safety: the possibility of using multiple perimeter locks

• the possibility of powder coating in any RAL color, wood imitation, anodizing and others.

Profile Features
Frame width
52 mm
Leaf width
59,5 mm
Minimum apparent height
82,5 mm
Minimum visible width of the divisor80,4 mm
Load overlaid
140 kg
Glazing thickness
up to 41 mm
Wall thickness
1,5 mm
System Features
System typeIsolated
Uffrom 2,5 up to 3,3
Exterior AestheticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazingGlazing
Type of thermal insulation
18 mm polyamide
Project details