e3000 new

Ε3000 is sliding system with thermal bridge, designed for heavy duty. The system is designed taking into account in contemporary architectural trends for maximum penetration of sunlight in very large openings.

Because the guaranteed durability and reliable performance over time, the system E3000 find application in many hotels, resorts and residential buildings, in which the requirement for maximum penetration of light in combination with improved thermal and acoustic insulation was essential.

The system uses the mechanisms for lifting and sliding, which skillfully combines easy movement, even when using very large funds, with excellent insulation characteristics achieved using seals Lorex, isolating the wing to the frame in the closed position.

E3000 is a system with a width of 60 mm and wing with proven reliability in projects across Europe that offers profiles with straightforward modern design and security through a three-point locking system.

Projects made with Lorex E3000

Lorex E3000


E3000 system offers:

• highest level of thermal and acoustic insulation;

• optimal tightness, even in extreme weather conditions;

• opportunity to create lasting and tough covering large and medium openings;

• excellent security, thanks to a special three-point lock;

• the possibility of powder coating in any color RAL, special models with wooden texture and other methods for surface treatment - anodizing.

Profile Features
Frame width146 mm
Leaf width99 mm
Minimum visible height
145 mm
Load overlaid350 Kg
Maximum glazing thickness up to 42 mm
Wall thickness2 mm
System Features
System Typeisolated
Uf2,0 - 3,5
Exterior Aestheticsflat
Method of glazing
Type of thermal insulation20 mm
Mechanismfor Е3000
Project details