Ε2300 is one of the systems that is present for more than 20 years on the market. The system is designed for medium and large openings because of its original design it’s well knowned by architects and engineers, as durable, long-lasting system with very good technical characteristics.

Over the years E2300 is constantly modernized using new profiles and typologies that make it a modern and complete system. Thanks to a wide range of solutions that provide E2300 system is widely used in large projects where performance and durability are critical.


Projects made with Lorex E2300

 Lorex Е2300


Ε2300 system offers:

• E2300 is equipped with all necessary accessories and mechanisms that ensure the security and functionality of the system.

• It has all the necessary certificates for execution to ensure its compliance with the requirements applicable to aluminum frames.

• Combination with sliding frames system E22

• durability and performance over time

• a high level of aesthetics and functionality

• any decision to open

• an opportunity to build frames for medium and large openings

• Appropriate seal

• the possibility of electrostatic powder-coating in different RAL colors, wood imitations, anodizing and others.


Profile Features
Frame width
49 mm
Leaf width
53 mm
Minimum apparent height
93 mm
Minimum visible width of the divisor70 mm
Load overlaid
140 kg
Glazing thickness
up to 30 mm
Wall thickness
1,4 - 2,0 mm
System Specifications
System typeUnisolated
Exterior AesteticsFlat, Curved
Method of glazingGlazing
Type of thermal insulation
Fittingfor Е2300
Project details