Lorex ensures the safety of your home

The uncertain world in which we live every day compels us to take radical measures to preserve the security of their homes. Thieves who wish to enter every locked home are becoming more creative and pushy, and the windows are the most easily accessible place for penetration.

According to a study by the Austrian manufacturer of fittings MACO, over 80% of burglaries in homes are intrusions through the windows and balcony doors, not as traditionally considered the front door. Therefore specialists MACO continuously create innovative solutions for the security of home.


Fittings for PVC windows and doors MACO iS (intelligente Sicherheit) Smart Security offers one of the most modern solutions for lock existing on the market.

It was created to protect a building from burglary through the window.

The set of tips-in resistant, plugs, angles, martini and handles with key give reliability and robustness in closing windows.

In resistant plugs make the break quite difficult.


Locks with multi-point locking

for all requirements::

• Up to 7 locking points
• New range Strikes
• Easy to service
• Improved noise and heat insulation
• Lock-in resistant plugs, steel bolts or hooks
• Gently and quietly closing by series-mounted welcomed tab